Keeping Your Skin Hydrated And Healthy As Winter Approaches

Keeping Your Skin Hydrated And Healthy As Winter Approaches

For many who enjoy the Cascade mountains here in the Pacific Northwest, winter brings many days of skiing and outdoor adventure. However, for those who would rather be indoors than doing crazy stuff outdoors, winter can be a harsh and taxing season. Unfortunately, your skin is no exception when it comes to winter’s dry spell.


As you start to bust out your winter coats and boots from your closet in the coming weeks, our medspa in Pasco wanted to touch on a few effective ways to safeguard your skin health to enjoy healthy, hydrated skin throughout the dry winter. If you’re interested in any of our other services including facial rejuvenationmicrodermabrasionhormone therapy for men, or SculpSure® non-invasive body sculpting, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact Wright Surgical Arts today.

Let’s get started.

Wash Your Face And Hands With Lukewarm Water

We love a hot shower just as much as anyone else, but repeated exposure to hot water will progressively strip away at your body’s natural oils. Whenever you wash your hands or face, consider using lukewarm water because more oils will remain intact.

Moisturizer Is Essential to Moisturized Skin

That may sound incredibly obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Using moisturizer right after your wash or wet your skin (when it’s just slightly damp) is an effective way to seal in residual moisture, helping set you up for a less dry tomorrow.

Protect Yourself From The Winter Sun

When the air temperature is cold and the wind is blowing, the winter sun is a temperature godsend. While the sun’s rays may feel good on your skin — and there’s nothing wrong with exposure — make sure to wear sunscreen or protect your skin if you’re going to be exposed for a significant period of time. Just because it’s chillier out doesn’t make the winter sun any less damaging than the hot summer sun.

Drink Water

Internal hydration is also essential to external hydration. Even though it’s no longer hot out and you’re not sweating nearly as much, it’s still very important to drink plenty of fluids (namely water) in order to refresh and hydrate your body’s skin from the inside out.

Consider Using A Humidifier At Home

Humidifiers are fairly inexpensive, helping produce more moisture in the air around you. Humidifiers are generally the most effective when you place them near your bed when you sleep at night.


Find an exfoliating mask that works well with your body’s skin (i.e. no harsh chemicals or irritants) and use it on your face and hands. Exfoliation is a logical precursor to moisturizing, allowing your skin’s pores to open up and let in the moisturizer.


At Wright Surgical Arts, we’re dedicated to keeping you young, healthy, and of course, beautiful! Our commitment to you doesn’t stop in the winter. Set up an appointment with us or simply reach out if you have any questions about your skin health and more.

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